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Blessed Assurance

Why Blessed Assurance?

The danger of false hopes of assurance

  • Man lives with false hopes and fleshly presumptions of being saved regardless of lifestyle and beliefs.
  • Man thinks if there is a God He will be gracious after death regardless of the way they have lived
  • Man presumes on the grace and love of God that he deserves to go to heaven
  • Man presumes that his good deeds and kindness to others will be enough for him to go to heaven
  • This false hope will die along with people who live with this false hope.

The comfort of blessed assurance

I will ask you during these talks this question: Today are you 100% certain that if you died today you will go to heaven?

This question calls you to understand two things:

  1. The eternal security of every believer based on God’s grace through faith in Christ
  2. The personal knowledge of assurance of salvation
  3. All believers in Jesus Christ are eternally secure in their salvation. Salvation is not based on what we do it is based on the finished work & continuing ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ
  4. However, though all believers are secure, not all believers have assurance of their salvation. Not all believers have the same level of assurance of their salvation.
  5. Believers grow in assurance of salvation as they grow in Christ.
  6. Assurance of salvation is not the believer’s standing with God that is eternally secure. But it is the believer’s knowledge of his standing with God

1 John – the letter of assurance

Over the next weeks we will look at how a believer can grow in their assurance of salvation.

1 John will focus our attention on what we can know & believe in order to gain greater assurance of salvation

Our Lord said, John 6 – if you continue in my word then are you truly my disciple. And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.The truth of salvation: eternal security in Christ, leads to the freedom, comfort, encouragement and joy of knowing & living in assurance of our salvation in Christ


Assurance of salvation comes from knowing & believing God's love for us in Christ. - 1 John 4:16

by Pastor Mike Miller

False Assurance of salvation of the non-religious - Psalm 10

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False Assurance of salvation of the religious comes by hypocritical words. 1 John 1:6

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The Self-Deceived Live in False Assurance

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