International Missions



Pastor Mike, Todd, Ryan, the Missions Committee, and the whole FBC Family,

Greetings from somewhere over South Asia (on another plane)!  At this time of year, it’s exciting to see all that God accomplished last year and be making great plans for what we can join Him in over the course of this year.  As always, I want to thank you for your partnership in the gospel going out across South Asia!

This week, Kiran asked me if I could help with a “leadership training” in Kathmandu.  I, of course, said yes as this is a very common thing that we do often—train with his 10 local leaders.  As always, he said I’d have about ½ a day to teach and encourage the brothers and then he oft handedly mentioned that it would be at Mahesh’s church.  Even though that’s not the normal place, I didn’t think too much about it until I showed up Tuesday morning at the appointed time.  When I arrived, there were 70 people in the room and they had come from all over Nepal—every district was represented!  I should have asked more questions…  Kiran’s network had raised over $3000 through local resources to do an “Enlarge Vision Training” for leaders in their network, but not the “regular” leaders!  Long story short, these brothers and sisters have been making plans concerning how to multiply churches all across the country in 2023.  Praise God!

When I see things like this, I am so encouraged and challenged.  Here are a few things that are running through my mind:

  1. God, where did all these leaders come from?  But then in Mahesh’s vision casting He reminds everyone how the network has worked a two year plan to get to every district and see churches start.  The basic requirement for an invitation to this meeting was that you’ve seen at least 3 churches planted!
  2. God, when the average person makes less than $1000/year in Nepal, how did this network raise so much?  But then, talking with Sunny, He reminds me of what we’ve been teaching for years…people give to vision and the Lord’s vision is what Nepali Christians want to get behind.  Just as the gospel came to them, they want to help get the gospel to the next place and this training will help with that. 
  3. God, I had lots of things ready to teach but now what do I share?  But as I’m listening to Benjamin give the morning devotion, I’m reminded that we all need to simply obey what Jesus has already said—the simple things.  Let’s focus on that!

By the end of the day, I’m left wondering who was the audience of this training?  Who’s vision needs to be enlarged?  Maybe the Lord is trying to trying to remind me of these simple principles that I also need to grow in once again to see my own vision enlarged? 

Thank you for joining with us over these last few years as you have financially.  Know we are praying for you and the whole church regularly and look forward to see the Lord raise up the next generation missionaries from your midst!  We’re looking forward to many more years of continued work together!

Jared Houk