Please follow the link below to a 6 -lesson curriculum on 3-Circles. These lessons will teach how to use and become comfortable with this witnessing tool. Remember that reaching out to your ONE (Who's Your One Campaign) has not been affected by the current social distancing request. Let's allow God to work among His people and to strengthen our skills for witnessing. 


Normal schedule:

8, 9, & 10:30 am // Sunday School
Here's a list of Adult Sunday School Classes.


C-110-114- Roy Smith – (Adult Co-ed)

C-107-109 –  (Adult Co-ed – Masterworks) -Jon Roy Sloan


SS 9:00 am

C111-113 - Mark Brannan/Roy Smith (Adult Co-Ed Class)

C110-112- Edwin Davis (Adult Co-ed – 3 B’s)

C-102-104- Louise Myatt/Nancy Gerald (Golden Women’s Class)

C107-109 – Ryan Wicker/Dave & Terri Klutinoty (Median Age Adults)

Gym- COME & GO - Pastor Todd Vermilyea + Larry Rogers (Adult Co-ed)

C101-105 Generations –Todd Berry (Adult Co-ed – Explore the Bible)

Youth Building-Conference Center-  Travis Wales  – (Couples)

Youth Building Y110 – Angie Richardson (Mixed age Ladies Class)

C-102 -  Skeet Owen (Adult Co-ed)

Youth Building - Y106 - Spencer & Dani Bryson (Co-Ed Multigenerational Class)

SS 10:30 am

C-101-105- Frank Whitaker (Golden Adult Co-ed – Explore the Bible)

C-111- 113 - Richard Moore (Harmony – Adult Co-ed - Explore the Bible)

Conference Center- Odds and Ends (Adult Co-ed – Explore the Bible)

C110-114- Faith Riders (Paul Fox – Adult Co-ed)

C-107-109- Pat McDaniel (Ladies Class – Masterworks)

Y-106- Singles/Mixed Adults – all ages (Jerry Potts)

C104- Special Friends (Special needs Adult – Gary/Becki Vincent, David Scheetz)

Y110 - College Age Young Adults (Will & Callie Silvers) 

 C112 - Ladies Sunday School Class  - Begins April 7, 2024 (Cheryl Waters & Lori Snow)

If you have questions about Sunday School, please contact Ryan Wicker via the form below:

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