Sunday School Schedules

Preschool & Children Classes


Infants – Patty Chappell & Ginger Regen                A110

Toddlers – Doris Sager & Tammy Kelley                 A104

2 yr. olds – Deborah Young                                     A107

3 & 4 yr. olds – Jim & Ann Petty                              A124

Assistants: Cheryl Hayes, Julie Hayes, Sherri Ebarb

Kindergarten – Jim & Tracy Remple                       A126

1st grade – John & Lori Warren                               B112

 2nd & 3rd gr. –Carol Nash & Amy Burney              B104

4th grade - Mike & Jennifer Patterson                     B103

 5th grade – Charlene Dillehay & Bette Hawkins    B105

Sunday 10:30 am

Infants – Stephen & Susan Ahlheit                            A110

Toddlers –  helper: Olivia Warren                              A104

2 yr. olds – Brian & Dana Veasman                           A107

3 & 4 yr. olds – Tracey Rogers                                  A127  Assistants: Ryan Metcalf & Lynne Ishee

5 yr. olds & Kindergarten – Judy Estes                    A125 Assistant: Jessica Hollingsworth

1st – 5th grade children join their families in the sanctuary for Worship Service.

Periodically offered: First Steps & Know the Truth

Youth Classes

Sunday School-upstairs in youth building

6th Grade Coed                 Craig & Patty Collie (Y210A)

7-8th Grade Girls               Leslie Hudson, Mary Ann Avery, Jennifer Lipke (Y209)

9 – 12th Grade Girls          Gina Bullington & Nikki Hendriks (Y207)

7-8th Grade Guys              Will Blackmarr, Mike & Shelley Andrews (Y202)

9-10th Grade Guys            Ryan Tucker & Doug Hendriks (Y201)

11-12th Grade Guys         Joey & Renee Scott (Y210B)


Wednesday Night-in the Conference Center

6th-12th                                  Wednesday Night Youth Worship with Praise band music


Pastor Tim Hopper: # 706-992-8465 or




C-110-114- Roy Smith – (Adult Co-ed)

C-107-109 – Joe Claggett (Adult Co-ed – Masterworks) 


SS 9:00 am

C107-109- Lewis Bratton/Owen Cook (Golden Men’s Class)

C111-113 – Mark Brannan (Adult Co-ed class)

C110-114- Edwin Davis (Adult Co-ed – 3 B’s)

C-102-104- Louise Myatt/Nancy Gerald (Golden Women’s Class)

Y110 – Ryan Wicker/Will Silvers (College & Career)

Gym- COME & GO - Pastor Todd Vermilyea (Adult Co-ed)

C101-105 Generations –Todd Berry/Jeff Heflin (Adult Co-ed – Explore the Bible)

Youth Building-Conference Center- Barden/Wales/Stefan – (Couples)

Youth Building Y106 – Angie Richardson (Mixed age Ladies Class)

C-102 -  Skeet Owen (Adult Co-ed)

C-106 – Beth Bergren –Sister’s in Scripture Bible Study (Masterworks)

SS 10:30 am

C-101-105- Frank Whitaker (Golden Adult Co-ed – Explore the Bible)

C-107-111- Richard Moore (Harmony – Adult Co-ed - Explore the Bible)

Conference Center- Odds and Ends (Adult Co-ed – Explore the Bible)

C110-114- Faith Riders (Paul Fox – Adult Co-ed)

C-107-109- Pat McDaniel (Ladies Class – Masterworks)

Y-106- Singles/Mixed Adults – all ages (Jerry & Sandra Potts)

C104- Special Friends (Special needs Adult – Gary/Becki Vincent, Rachel Monville, & Joleen Kennedy)