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Living for Jesus

Today we celebrate life in a risen Savior Jesus Christ the Lord!

For 40 days the Lord Jesus met with His disciples. He blessed them, taught them, encouraged them.

As He prepared to ascend to heaven; He commissioned them! Matt. 28 is the commissioning of the disciples of Christ. It remains the commission of every believer in every generation!

Soldiers receive a commission – an official order

Artists produce commissioned works of art for someone in authority who requests it

Doctors produce commissioned studies on diseases for the government

A commissioned person has been formally asked to produce something by a person in authority

Disciples of Jesus Christ have received a lifelong commission to serve their risen Lord!

What is the commission given to disciples of Jesus Christ?

How does this commission affect the life style of the disciple of Jesus Christ?

Do you know what the Lord has commissioned you to do as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Easter Message - Living for Jesus

by Pastor Mike Miller