Foster Care Awareness Month - Mission Project & Special Offering

Special Offering during May

May is “Foster Care Awareness” month and our church will be honoring all who are supporting foster care needs in our community.  We will also recognize the important roles of the DCS staff and workers and the staff of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home.  A special offering will be given to the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home through the “Mother’s Day Offering” and through our church offerings.  You may give on-line or by placing an offering in the offering plates throughout the month of May.

Thank you for your generosity and please continue to pray for the Foster Care needs in our area.


During the month of May, our church is focusing on bringing awareness to foster care issues in the state of TN. During this month the church will hear a lot about how they can help and support foster care families in our region. This is a gospel issue as Jesus has commanded us to look after widows and orphans. Precious children in our foster system may not be orphans in the traditional sense, but they are nonetheless children, the least of these, in need of a safe place and support.

One of the ways we are going to support foster kids and families this summer is by providing them some items that will help make their summer memorable and enjoyable. Listed below are some items that DCS has asked us to help provide the 60+ foster families in our county. See the back of this document for the breakdown of boy/girls and now many in each age category.

We will begin collecting these items this Sunday May 7th.  Items can be brought to Guest Central. Each week we will take these items where they can be used for the children. We will continue to collect these items each Sunday in May. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Let’s be a blessing to foster families all over this county


Ryan Wicker

Associate Pastor of Edcuation, FBC Dickson


Items Needed:

  • Flip-flops
  • Swim trunks for boy
  • Swimsuits for girls
  • River shoes (boys and girls)
  • Other summer accessories like:
    • Sunglasses, Sunhats, pool floaties, swim diapers, etc.
  • Roxy Gift cards (enough for a movie ticket and snacks)

Boys Total: 55

  • 0-1 Year Old- 9
  • 2-5 Years Old- 7
  • 6-10 Years Old- 11
  • 11-15 Years Old- 20
  • 16-17 Years Old- 8


Girls Total: 64

  • 0-1 Year Old- 16
  • 2-5 Years Old- 15
  • 6-10 Years Old- 9
  • 11-15 Years Old- 12
  • 16-17 Years Old- 12