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Disciplelife Classes

Beginning Tuesdays Fall 2023

Ladies Bible Studies: When You Pray (7 wks, $25)        C101-105   9:00a.m.                        class (begins Aug. 8)     6:00p.m. class (begins Sept. 12)

PRECEPT: Study of Hebrews  (11 wks, $25)
Led By: Doris Collins  (9:30am - begins Aug 8)             C112-114

Men’s Tuesday Bible Study:                                        C104
Led By: David Griffin  (9:00am - begins Aug. 8)

The Excellent Wife -(Thursdays)                                   C111-113  
Led by: Sandra Ivey (9:30am - begins Sept.14 ) $20

GriefShare:13 week study  Begins Aug. 2                                   Y106
Led By: Jon Roy & Maria Sloan & Robbie Wales


Pastor Mike’s Study: (in progress)                 Worship Center
   Study: Wisdom for Life - Proverbs

Men’s Wednesday Bible Study: Acts                     C104
Led By:  Edwin Davis  (in progress)                 

Ladies Bible Study: Faithful Abundant True                 C101-105
Led By: Angie Richardson (begins Aug. 9)

Ladies Bible Study: Psalm 119                                 C107-109
Led By: Rebekah Wales  - (in progress)(i

Study: Desiring God                             C110-114
Led By: Ryan Wicker/Spencer Bryson - (begins August 9th)

Men’s Study: The Exemplary Husband            C106
Led by: Todd Vermilyea (begins Sept. 13)

Ladies Study: The Excellent Wife                 C111-113
Led By:SAndra Ivey  - $20 (begins Aug 2)   

Childcare - Deborah Young/Janice Proctor                     A104

Mission Friends
3 yr. olds - Robin Metcalf                                                       A127
4yr. olds - K - Luci Gentry & Elizabeth Godwin                     A125
Girls in Action (GA’s)                                            
1st grade                                                                             B110-112
2nd - 3rd grades                                                                  B106-108
4th - 5th grades                                                                   B102-104
Royal Ambassadors (RA’s)                          
1st - 3rd grades                                                                    B105-107
4th - 5th grades                                                                    B101-103

UNTAMED (youth 6-12 grades at 6:30pm)                         Conference Ctr.