On Mission In Waverly

  1. GIVE another $5,000 to match the Church Blessing                                                     (give online or by check designated to Waverly Relief)
  1. GO to Waverly and Work                                                                                       November 15th - 20th                                                                                                    (Project leader: Gary Vincent #615-970-9821)
  1. GIFT the families with Furniture                                                                                          (Please donate items that are good enough for Jesus)

Donation Times:

Week of Nov 29-Dec 3 (8am-5pm)

Sunday, Dec. 5th until 1pm

Week of Dec. 6-10 (8am-5pm)

Sunday, Dec. 12th until 1pm

(Items will be delivered week of Dec. 13th)

*Gift with gifts – Honor a family by sending wrapped items (use a small detachable label identifying boy/girl toy or new household item (towels, linens, small kitchen appliances, etc.)     

Thank you for giving sacrificially to help Waverly

When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality. Romans 12:13


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